1. Thanks for tips…

  2. Shivam khandelwal

    very nice………………….

  3. Shamanis

    This is still incredibly slow and painful.

  4. TJ

    if u do the 2nd way, click unfriend then remove as friend, and if u want to remove more than one at a time without the page reloading, dont click ok and select another friend to delete. its a lot faster

  5. gnm

    yess, I am also struggling, it is not comfortable at all…

    You can work on two pages, one page works to review the list and it stays still, once you find who to unfriend, go to the other page which is again the “friends” page, type the name on search box and unfriend.
    This way, you can continue where you left, using the first page….

    But the list is not Alphabetic…. so it’s still not very comfortable….

    I want to review everyone, so I also started to list friends by letter,
    For example I write A and see all, and then B….

    still working on it….

    I hope it’s usefull…

  6. Sangeet Kant Jain

    this method just sucks….. i have a huge friend list including both Business and Family friends…..now i want both of the freinds list in separate profile …and when I tried to delete one of the lists of friends ….it just sucks and irritates….I dont know what FB people are working on…. i think FB is getting more confusing day by day ….

  7. ravi singh

    Excellent tip indeed , thanking you for the help



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