Overkill 2: Free iPhone Game and Other Free Games of the week

The Super 3D Gun Battle is waiting for you to win. Prepare yourself for the realistic 3D Game on your iPhone. More than 30 latest 3D guns are waiting for you to take action and start the real fun of gaming. This Popular and yet Free iPhone 3D game Overkill 2 is a Great looking and high quality shooter game with so many advanced controls and unique combinations. Face the challenge now, where you have to fight to release the city occupied by deadly faction and you are the only hope here.

Your Guns are highly capable of making the difference and teach the enemy for their mistakes. Use your advance combat equipment and stand tough against the whole enemy army like a great wall. Continue reading

5 Google Chrome Extension to Listen Online Radio

Listen Online Radio is not new for us. There are so many websites and software to listen radio online through Internet. However you have to bookmark those online radio sites for accessing them quickly or you have to install the software. But it will be good if the Online radio can be played in background with the browser. Yes, there are some add-ons or extensions for Google chrome web browser, which allow you to listen the radio online and browse the web at the same time. The best thing in using these extensions is the quick and easy installation and the extensions are not paid. You can easily find and install them through Google Chrome webstore. Here are the 5 Google Chrome extensions to listen live radio. Continue reading

How to Export Google Reader Data and Feeds

We all need to export our Google Reader Data and store it with some other RSS Feed reader before it shuts down. We all have got the notice about the shut down of Google Reader and this has been a headache for most of us. There are so many useful feeds there and we all have spent a plenty amount of time for this. So it will be a wise choice to export those feeds and store them somewhere else. How to do this? Now follow this simple methods bellow.

Using Feedly: This is a simple browser extension and saves your Google Reader data. This is a quick way to copy all your useful feeds from Google Reader. There are also a

  • Go to feedly.com using Google Chrome or Firefox browser and click on “Get Feedly for Chrome” or “Get Feedly for Firefox”.
  • This will prompt you to install the extension and proceed with the installation.
  • After installing you will be redirected to the application home page. Click on “Login”. You need to login with Google account.
  • After loging in click on “Allow Access” . So this will be connected to your Google Reader and can access your data.
  • Done. Now you can find all your subscribed feeds available on your browser and you can read them anytime. Also these feeds are synchronized and you can access them anywhere.

Using The Old Reader: A Social RSS reader in Beta Version

  • Browse http://theoldreader.com/ and Sign in using Facebook or Google Account. It will be easy to copy your Google Reader data, if you select the Sign in  through Google. Else you can login through Facebook too. “Allow access” to the app to use your Google account or Facebook account.
  • After Loging in click on “Import” link located on the top right corner. The next page will ask you to import the OPML file. Yes, as directed on that page you can upload the OPML file or Subscription.xml file to Import your Google Reader. What is OPML File? how to get the file for your Google Reader.
  • Google has a Takeout page and there you can download all your data associated with your Google Account. So Go to Google Takeout Page and Login to your account. Click on the Reader Link
  • Under the “Choose Services ” section click on “Reader” and then click on “Create Archive”.  Then Click on Download link. Unzip the downloaded file. You can find the XML file there.
  • Now Import the Subscriptions.xml file. It may take some time or days if the queue is very big. So wait for your turn and you can start using this with all your old feeds imported from Google Reader.


Download Youtube Videos with Flash Video Download Extension

Flash Video Download Extension for Google ChromeUse Google chrome and this Flash Video Download extension to download flash videos from websites like YouTube, DailyMotion etc with few clicks. Just open and play the video, then click on the install extension icon to download the Video. This will show you the links on the left upper corner and your download will start immediately  You need to change the file extension to .flv and play it with supported video players like VLC media player. Continue reading

How to Download Torrents With Google Chrome

If we think about torrents, then we must think about the torrent download clients or software. You need to download the software and install it. Then find and download a torrent file link and download that file with the help of torrent software. But here is an extension available to use with Google Chrome for downloading torrent files. Install this extension using the Chrome browser and download your favorite torrent files. Continue reading

Top 5 Free Games for Your iPhone

If we make a little search, we can find the iPhone Games are the most downloaded apps from the iTunes app store. This is beacause of the high quality and clean graphics of the iPhone interface. Most of the iPhone users are game addicted and when you start playing an interesting game you can’t stop yourself. This is why everyday a number of games app has been developed. Most of them are paid and you need to buy thme from the app store. But the demand of free game is always there. Here is the list of some really exciting and most downloaded top 10 Free iPhone games. Find the link to download those app just bellow the game description. Continue reading

FileDrop – PC to PC File Transfer in Same Network

Although Shared folder is the first solution to share and transfer files in between PCs over the same network, but external tools like FileDrop works more smoothly and smartly. This is a free software available for both Windows and Mac. So it will not a problem to transfer your files between these two different operating systems. This smart little software provides you a better interface and the cute drag and drop options to transfer files. Continue reading

Steps To Install Flash Player On Android Jelly Bean Device

Install Flash Player On Android Jelly Bean DeviceThe new version of android Jelly Bean 4.1, doesn’t support Flash Player. So it’s not possible to run the flash applications or animations through your android device running on Jelly Bean. However, this guide can help you in this regard and you can install the flash player on your Android Jelly Bean device. But you can’t expect a smooth run of flash as the OS is not supporting this. Also you can only run the flash by using Dolphin Browser HD. Yes, you need Dolphin Browser HD app for this. No other browser even Chrome for Android doesn’t support this.

After the controversy between Apple and Adobe, Most of the iOS devices don’t support flash at all. And this latest android version Jelly Bean 4.1 also went on the same track. So Adobe too has stopped working and developing flash for mobile devices. But till now we, the user need flash and we have not stopped using flash. Continue reading